RAI & #Angels

1. The #languageangels initiative is on again for the winter of 2019! 

2018: in the winter semester of 2019, students of second year Italian are once again conversing with #languageangels from the Marco Belli Institute in Portogruaro! 

2017: See an article in Orvietonews  (here) about this initiative in 2017

In the winter semester of 2017 the Unitre dell'Alto Orvietano joined forces with the Italian program at the University of Ottawa to realize a first-year Italian course that was thoroughly unique! Students in Italian1912 (blended) had the privilege of Skyping weekly with a group of Italian tutors (we call them #languageangels) from 5 municipalities in Umbria, Italy. To find out more about this program, please read some of the articles published here and here and here about the past edition. 

2015: We ran the first #languageangles program in the summer of 2015! Our s#languageangels were wonderful and the students learned a lot!

2. In the fall of 2015 RAI International paid a visit to the Italian Program at the University of Ottawa. You can see the documentary here!

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